July 2011

Month: July 2011

Sign your work

I think it was in the Pragmatic Programmer where they said that you should get comfortable signing your name to your work. Seth took another spin on this idea.

You don’t have to be the best

Imagine: You know CPR well enough. Someone stops breathing, and what do you do? Do you start asking yourself if there are better CPR practitioners than you? Do you wonder if your certification came from a prestigious enough teacher? Or maybe you have no certification at all, someone just showed you how to do it (correctly)? Are you going to dredge up every loser feeling you’ve had about yourself and dwell on that while that person slips off into the great unknown?


Hell no.  You’re going to get on your knees, do that CPR thing, and save that person’s life.  Without a second thought.  Because the situation calls for value, and you have value to offe


First 3.25 Mile Run

Last Friday I completed my first “long run”. I couldn’t keep running the entire time, as the pressure on my finger got too intense, but I’m really happy I made it as far as I did.

  • Distance: 3.28 miles
  • Duration: 45:03 minutes, including a 5 minute warmup
  • Average pace: 13:44 min/mi
  • Climb: 58 feet

At least now I know that I can complete a 5k distance and I have a time I can start beating once I’ve recovered.

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My standard operating procedure still stands: Eat real food in moderation…