March 2012

Month: March 2012

Funny voicemail transcription of a robo-call

Text: "I forgot my work for us for that we work for the government and I wanna put constitution no longer reply what the purpose of the consultation was to limit the governor 1 of converse is the number and the Powers in the constitution no longer limited converse but we're actually use that they justification to extend converse as a party over everywhere I Don't know if your life what the president meant to be an equal to convert that instead become a democratically elected term limited monarch what the president assume that everything he did was legal just because he's the president what I did to interrupt your regularly scheduled radio and T. V. programming for a special message from net wanted to get the Claire Ward it's ... what if you could read your email I'll send you a text without a search warrant what he could tell you what I'm warning what a supreme court justices no longer looked to the constitution to determine the constitutionality mobile all but rather simply!
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out this is Sue proceeded done phone about it what up the right some principle guaranteed in the constitution I've been self distorted in the past 200 years has to be on recognizable by the founders what the 50 state for no longer sovereign entities equals to each other and parents of the federal government they voluntarily constituted stage wonder province's of a totally nationalized and fully centralized government what up the constitution was and then did definitely not like constitutional amendment do leave ratified by the state by the Constant persisted expansion about several documents Roland I lost 1 of the federal government side if it's own towers we're proper constitution what the constitution we're no longer List of brain locally what I do need a license from the government just speak to assemble or the protest against the government 1 of the governor did like what you plan to say that we didn't get you bye bye what up alright to keeping their arms only applies to!
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SEO click through rates for various results

Summary for the top 20

  1. 36.4%
  2. 12.5%
  3. 9.5%
  4. 7.9%
  5. 6.1%
  6. 4.1%
  7. 3.8%
  8. 3.5%
  9. 3.0%
  10. 2.2%
  11. 2.6%
  12. 1.5%
  13. 1.3%
  14. 1.1%
  15. 1.2%
  16. 1.2%
  17. 1.4%
  18. 1.3%
  19. 1.4%
  20. 1.4%

103.4% total and should be taken with a grain (block?) of salt but is good enough to make relative decisions.