Welcome. This site (ericjdavis.com) is my personal tumblog and micro-blogging website.

You’ll see that many of the posts are just a title with very little body. This is because I’ve replaced Twitter with this site (sorta).

Awhile back Twitter changed its terms of use. Basically what you could and couldn’t do with their data. Notice their data. Not my data. Not your data. Theirs.

As a writer, keeping ownership of my writing and thoughts is very important to me. So instead of giving it to Twitter and letting them own it, I’m posting them here.

That doesn’t mean I’m not hooked into the Twitter network at all. Just that the original source of my micro-sized writing is from here.

On occasion I’ll post links here as bookmarks. Like every other update, they’ll be shared to Twitter and Facebook.

Check out my official bio on my main blog, theadmin.org or any of the following websites:

The technical bits

After I create a post here, ifttt takes the post title and body and submits that to my various social networks (Facebook and Twitter at the moment). This means as long as I stay under the 140 character limit at Twitter, I can write here and have it show up on Twitter just like any other tweet.

This also makes it easy to post Tweets. On my laptop I have a custom application that lets me post from the command line. On my iphone, I have another app that I can use to write and publish a post. Both of these can be done with very little effort and without having to load the activity from people I follow (which keeps me from getting distracted).

(Unfortunately at this time Google plus doesn’t support sending anything into it. That means there is no way to automatically send updates from here to my Google plus account. This is one of the many reasons why I don’t participate there as much as on the more “open” networks.)